What to do at a coffee shop other than drink coffee?

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Now, for my Fresh Thought #1 let us dive into what to do at a coffee shop other than drink coffee?

As I sat here in this café, I saw different people come and go with their freshly brewed café. Some were smiling, some were preoccupied with their busy schedules, and some were looking forward to getting that extra boost from coffee to finish the day.
It is amazing how every single person you come across has their triumphs and battles that they are going through. They have their own stories that life throws at them, and sometimes even just a cup of coffee could turn things around.
I believe a coffee shop is such a diverse location to showcase different emotions, mindsets, and ideas.

Now what to do at a coffee shop other than sipping on your favorite espresso drink?

1. Compliment and thank your barista!

A pleasant good morning or a warm hello will go a long way for the barista. Just making them smile would somehow be expressed into the coffee they serve us. And remember, “thank you” are free! So spread that thanksgiving and appreciate the magic that these baristas are doing for us!

2. Reflection time!

Find that perfect location, a comfy seat, or somewhere where you can enjoy a sip of coffee while reflecting on the past, present, and future. I am one that reflects on my past to learn from my mistakes and develop my achievements. Reflect on the present; it is essential to keep ourselves grounded and be thankful for what is going on now, whether it made a positive or negative impact in your life. Preparing for the future is what I like to do, personally. I like to plan things ahead of time so that I can prepare myself for the trials ahead. So plug in some earphones (or wirelessly connect them?) and do some reflecting!

3. please pay it forward

When you see a pretty girl, and you decide you want to be a gentleman and buy her coffee.. DON’T DO IT! Because only to find out that she is with her boyfriend at the time. (True Story: stay tuned for this story!) Long story short, I was paying it forward from the person who bought me coffee prior.

Anyway! Scratch that! DO IT! Buy her coffee and maybe buy her partner a cookie or something.

What I am saying is, start a train and pay it forward! Whether it is that pretty girl or handsome man, an old lady or someone who looks like she or he has been having a busy day, or someone who is smiling back at you, pay it forward and buy their coffee. It’s a great feeling! Continue this happy train and please don’t, I REPEAT, please don’t stop the gratitude train!

4. Great friends over great coffee

Gather a couple of your friends or fellow hobbyist and witness great conversations over great coffee. My friends and I usually grab a coffee after our lunch meetings, and we continue conversations about almost anything. Relationships and friendship develop over a cup of coffee.

As they say…..

A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent

5. meet your fellow java lovers

Other than paying it forward, there are other means and ways of meeting new people at a coffee shop. WARNING! Just don’t bother people with the busy schedule! You may find that it is easy to strike up a conversation as you are sitting and sipping on your latte. Like I said at the beginning of my fresh thoughts, there is a diverse count of people who visit these coffee shops that are going through different things, and most of them are looking for that extra boost to start or finish off the day. So smile and be polite, because every opportunity could be an opportunity to make someone’s day. Coffee shops are definitely an excellent place to network and meet your forever soulmate…. I mean a friend!

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