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As some of you may know that I grew up on a small little island, in the middle of nowhere… Where farming and hunting are the only means for food. Where people find their quest to become a master way-finder, and together we sail across the open ocean, encountering enormous monsters. As we fulfill our ancient quest of our ancestors and discover one thing; our own identity. (SPOILER ALERT) Then we defeat the mighty Te Ka on Te Fiti’s island with a big guy with a lot of moving tribal tattoos…

Okay… it may not be deserted and maybe it is not in the middle of nowhere, but it is somewhere in the Pacific Ocean just right above the equator. And perhaps we don’t need to farm and hunt because a drive-thru at our local Mcdonald’s might suffice. And no, we do not live a life like Disney’s Moana… (Although that would be pretty interesting living a life with Pua and Heihei.)

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Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands has been home for me for over 15 years now. I love every single natural beauty, culture, and unique way of living that this island provides. As a person who works in the construction industry, seeing the development of this island is essential as long as people are reminded to preserve its natural beauty and culture. That’s what Saipan is, a beautiful island with a diverse cultural presence.

A Monday to Friday schedule for me consist of working as an engineer for a construction company that does its part to contribute to the community. I would wake up each morning breathing in the fresh air and birds chirping everywhere (more like chickens…) A morning run by the beach or hit up our local gym, and then it is off to work. Working in the islands is such a unique experience, although it’s a small community of fewer than 70,000 people, I meet different people every day. Different in the sense of diversity and ways of life, however, there is one thing in common: the Hafa Adai mentality.

The Hafa Adai (means “welcome” or “hello” in Chamorro) mentality is something that people visiting could expect as soon as you land in the airport. It usually comes with a big smile that would give you a lovely welcoming feeling to our islands.

As the day ends, we start to look forward to that 6 PM sunset. Usually, evenings are accompanied with a nice cold beer or cocktail after a long day at work, or as simple as watching the day end with a loved one sitting by the beach with the powdery sand underneath your feet. This is what we call pure island bliss…

The weekend comes along to recharge our spirits before the workweek is in our midst again. A weekend morning for me consists of visiting the local flea market for fresh vegetables and island breakfast cuisines. Usually, breezes of fresh air coming in from the ocean fill my lungs as I take deep breaths. This is a time where families come together for the weekly BBQ at the beach or morning hikes with friends.

A weekend night is a usual typical night like other places around the world, meeting up with friends over drinks, possibly a movie, or star gazing at different parts of the island. The stars shine bright in the islands more than any other place around the world. Imagine sitting by the beach as waves come in and out of the surface while stars gleaming right about you… Now, this the Ultimate True Island Bliss.

Living in the islands does have its perks, and people who do have the opportunity to live here should take advantage of the beautiful place we live in. The beautiful island and the cultural diversity of Saipan are something to be very proud of.

Again! Thank you for stopping by The Fresh Approach! Stay tuned for all my upcoming content, including a “Saipan Travel Guide.”

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