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Hello Fresh Approachers!

Face mask on, rubbing alcohol at the ready, and stay informed to combat this global monster, COVID-19. This respiratory illness called the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has been breaking news through every news station, newspaper, and the infamous reliable and credible source, Facebook. This illness, according to the CDC, could be spread from person to person who is in close contact with each other through water guns called the human mouth. A person’s respiratory droplets from their coughs or sneezes may spread this virus to others

Unfortunately, this virus has now become a global crisis that has officially announced as a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Affected areas such as China, Italy, and the United States have seen numbers soar with positive cases and sadly even deaths. Always stay informed and refer to the CDC, WHO, or a trusted local news station for any updates on how we could fight this virus!

There has been exponential growth around the world, we see increases in positive cases and fatalities focused on older citizens above 50 years old and people with preexisting health conditions.

So, what can we do to stop the spread of this virus?!?


Yes, it may sound like a mini-vacation from work or school, or for some, it may be a little counter-productive. But hey!  If Rapunzel could do it all her life, we can do it for a couple of weeks… (Source: When Will My Life Begin? from the “Tangled” Soundtrack)

Other than catching up on sleep (like what I plan to do…),

The Fresh Approach has listed down things you may or may not have tried in quarantine.

For the Body: Yoga

Keeping our bodies active and fit during this time is crucial So couch potatoes and gym-goers unite! Here are links to different at home yoga programs we could try.

  • Yoga Download is perfect for beginners and is so convenient where you can download the app onto your phone or tablet and do yoga anywhere… around the house.
  • Yoga with Adriene is a Youtube Channel that has over 6 million subscribers. So check out her amazing youtube videos and release your inner zen. Namaste! Or more like Namastay inside the house if you know what I mean!…. Awk Next!

For the Eyes and Ears: TV Series and Movies

I know this has already been the go-to activity after the work-from-home activities. However, check out The Fresh Approach’s recommendations!

  • Starting a new or old TV Series.
    • Old Series: Game of Thrones– If you do not know who Khaleesi is or how friendly a White Walker can be, you should watch the Game of Thrones!
    • New Series: Kingdom– This South Korean Thriller will definitely get you on the edge of your couch. That’s all… Now watch it!
    • Miniseries: Self Made– Wow… This miniseries featuring Golden Globe Actress, Octavia Spencer, is a must-watch. Celebrating Woman’s Month by watching and witnessing the trials of Madam CJ Walker will get you inspired from your very own living room.
  • Watch movies that won Oscars
  • Here is a little twist, how about watch movies that major critics say should have won Best Picture in the Oscars.

For the Self-Care: Refresh, Reflect, and Learn

Take this opportunity to let go of our controlling self and refresh our mind and soul. Making sure that we live in the moment despite the circumstances is easy when you are in the comfort of your own home.

  • Meditate with the Calm app: This app has been the best meditating app that I use on stressful, busy days, sleepless nights, and concentration techniques.
  • Learn with Alison Courses: Sign up for Alison, learn something new, and empower yourself with free courses from world-leading experts in that field. They offer a wide selection of topics to enhance what you already know or to learn something different from what you do now. Sign up for a course and receive a certificate of completion!
  • étudier with Duolingo: Study a new language with free courses on Duolingo. Learn languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, and even Dothraki!  ¿A qué esperas? Ano hinihintay nyo? 何を待っていますか (Now download the app and tell me what all of that means!)
  • Reflect on what’s important: Self-isolation is a great opportunity to reflect on all the accomplishments we have made in the past year. Also, this is a great time to reflect on where we are when it comes to our New Year’s resolution. So sit back, sip on some coffee or tea, and find your spot around the house to reflect.

For the Belly: Release your inner cooking skills

We all have our inner skills in cooking, which makes us an Executive Chef in cereal making and is currently eating cereal three times a day (I do make a killer Frosted Flake Cereal with Pasteurized Crème…awkward). I mean we may all live by eating cereal? But not everyday right? (that’s what my mom tells me)

  • Head on to MyRecipes: This website has a list of programs and apps that will help you in honing that cooking skills. I personally use Yummly because of its wide variety of cuisines and easy to follow steps.
  • Phone a Mom: Call your mom and beg for that family secret recipe for you to try at home. We won’t only feel accomplish with making a new dish, but we would make our mom feel proud that we are not living on cereal!

But wait… Theres more!

Here is a special for the Fresh Approachers living in the island of Saipan!

Eats Easy saves the day and night!

Yes, sometimes cooking can be a hassle and due to the current lockdown, we are not able to head to the local grocery store for the fix! But don’t worry! Eats Easy is here to conquer that hunger and deliver food from your favorite restaurant straight to your doorstep! For all the Apple iPhone users out there stay tuned, Eats Easy will be on the Apple App Store real soon!

Stay tuned with The Fresh Approach’s featured post on this amazing service Eats Easy!

I want to personally make a special shout out and a special message of gratitude to the modern superheroes who are currently fighting this monster virus to ensure the safety of everyone else.

  • Doctors, Nurses, and All Healthcare Providers
  • Public Safety and Law Enforcers
  • Food Service Staff
  • Grocery and Supermarket Attendants
  • and everyone who has spent their time and money to support the efforts in defeating this virus.

We have nothing but respect and gratitude for everything that you have done for every single person around the world. Thank you!

Fresh Approachers, we need to always remember why it is important for everyone to stay home, stay informed, and stay fresh despite the situation.

What do you think about the list of what to do during self-isolation? What other recommendations do you have? Comment below!

Stay Classy! Stay Fresh! Forever and always…

    The Fresh Approach