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Growing up, my family would always emphasize this famous expression, “A family that eats together, stays together.” But for this family, their expression goes, “A family that eats together, stays together AND puts up a restaurant business together.” 

The Fresh Approach Team made a visit to the House of Sizzling, Fork and Spoon Restaurant located at the Spring Plaza in Middle Road, Saipan, Northern Mariana Island. As soon as we got out of the car, we noticed a delicious scent flowing and triggered louder growls coming from our stomachs. Fork and Spoon Restaurant opened its doors recently on February 1st. A family-owned restaurant led by the queen of the kitchen and mom, Mrs. Joan Boongaling. She and her husband run the kitchen, and their two daughters help with the customer service out front of the House of Sizzling.  A food experience presented by a family for other families to enjoy. 

The concept of the restaurant was inspired by the family’s hobby of traveling and eating. Through those experiences, the food preparation, restaurant design, and recipe have a little taste of the places that the Boongaling family visited. Fork and Spoon serve food, perfect for picture-taking foodies that enjoy sizzling smoking plates, that in all honesty may not even survive the “camera eats first” phase.

Now, let us talk about the food, shall we? Fork and Spoon elevate the way restaurants serve their food. Their sizzling meal plates, such as the Beef Pepper Rice, Garlic Steak Bites, Garlic Pepper Shrimp, Salmon Belly Bites, and a Filipino dish favorite, Sisig Rice all served on a sizzling round plate got our heart sizzling with excitement. But wait, there’s more… All their meal plates are accompanied with rice, veggies, and a customer option favorite: a sunny side up egg on top!

But wait, THERE’S MORE! Fork and Spoon original homemade sauce is to die for! Mrs. Joan calls her secret recipe sauce, the Honey Garlic Sauce, and will soon be available for purchase (I mean, I could dream, right?). This sauce goes well with everything on the menu, it is the perfect match, or what I like to call, “the winning combination.”

My personal favorite had to be the Garlic Steak Bites with a sunny side egg on top. The runny egg yolk mixing into the rice, while getting cooked on top of the sizzling plate is currently making my mouth water. Not to forget the Honey Garlic Sauce drenched in the steak bites and vegetables are my icing to the cake. The savory goodness of this combination and sharing this sizzling experience with family and friends is all we need for a perfect meal.

As a promo for their loyal customers, Fork and Spoon Restaurant is currently offering free iced tea and miso soup with every rice meal! As another offer for the loyal F&S Restaurant Customers and Fresh Approachers, they are offering a 10% discount on your entire purchase! (Please show this entire The Fresh Approach post when ordering your meals to avail the promo) TFA Offer is only valid until August 12, 2020

A food experience presented by a family for other families to enjoy

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