Sunny Side Cafe & Bakery

Hello Fresh Approachers!

Think back to a time where we experience true happiness. When nothing else mattered but that moment when we felt satisfied and content. Okay… then include the people that make you happy– it could be your family, friends, or a special someone. Think about the moment where nothing can change your blissful mood, and you feel invincible. Now, while reminiscing about that happy moment… imagine having some Crispy Kare Kare matched with Bagoong (Shrimp Paste) in front of you. Or some Adobo Fried Rice that will provide such comfort with your family. Or sharing some sisig pizza with your friends (or maybe not share?) 

Our recent visit to Sunny Side Café and Bakery embodied the word “happiness.” What makes Sunny Side Café so unique is that it encompasses everything that anyone is looking for in a restaurant. The interior design by owner Jennifer Rose Orpiano will have your hands reaching for your pockets, to bust out your camera phones, and capture that Instagram-Worthy photo. The beautiful décor and their unique furniture design alongside the Orpiano’s homemade recipes make this place a unique experience. Sunny Side is the perfect place to have tasty comfort food, start the morning with coffee, or have a traditional “Saipanese” meal with the family.  

“Saipanese” Cuisine is what Sunny Side serves from the kitchen as this focuses on cuisines from different cultures here on Saipan. Philippine’s Crispy Pata, Chamorro Chicken Kelaguen, Japanese Pork Katsu Curry, Korean Style Grilled Short Ribs, and American Breakfasts and Burgers. But Wait! There’s more! They also serve pizza with flavors such as Butter Garlic Shrimp, Sisig Pizza, Chicken Kelaguen Pizza, and Hawaiian Pizza. All the variety of cuisine all in one place surely makes it a restaurant for the Saipan community to come together & make those picture-perfect memories.

Sunny Side Café and Bakery are no newbie in the food industry on the island. Jennifer Rose and her parents have been in the food business since 2005 as an internet café called The Lounge and showcasing homemade recipes at local carnivals. As time went by, the restaurant also went alongside the latest trends, from Philippines style eatery or carinderia, and finally, it is now the happy, care-free, cozy restaurant it is known today. 

Walking into Sunny Side, all you see are people happy and ready to share that happiness through their food, service, and bright atmosphere. The joyful Sunny Side experience will always be there, whether its visiting in the morning for breakfast with a cup of coffee, a rush-hour lunch break, or a pleasant dinner meal with family. 

Writing this post has already gotten me thinking about my go-to meal, Crispy Kare Kare. The scrumptious peanut butter gravy underneath the crispy pork belly with vegetables is currently making my stomach growl. Top it off with a Philippines fan favorite, bagoong (shrimp paste) is the ideal food partner. We can not forget another customer favorite, Sisig Pizza. This Italian-Philippines fusion cuisine is the perfect comfort food and the best choice for sharing with friends and family.

The picture-perfect ambiance, delicious food, and friends and family at the Sunny Side Café and Bakery is undoubtedly the match made from heaven that will trigger our happy mood. Craving for this happiness at the Sunny Side Café and Bakery? Check out their menu and other information on their Instagram and Facebook pages!

As a happy promo for our Fresh Approachers! Sunny Side Cafe & Bakery is offering 10% off your entire purchase! (Please show this entire The Fresh Approach post when ordering your meals to avail the promo) TFA Offer is only valid until August 26, 2020

Stay Classy! Stay Fresh! & Stay Happy!

A restaurant for the Saipan community to come together and make those picture-perfect memories