.Hello Fresh Approachers!

I woke up this morning with a strong desire to make a difference in my life. Either change what I dislike about myself, improve something about myself, or simply learn something new. Like in almost everything and anything, the beginning is always the most challenging part. “Where to start?” “How am I supposed to reach my long-term goal when I know it is going to take me ages??” Where, what, who, when, and HOW?? 

To answer all those questions, I have one word for my Fresh Approachers: MOTIVATION. 

Motivation is unique to every individual. It is so unique that sometimes people find inspiration in the weirdest way. But it works! The inspired feeling may come from other people, things, places, activities, and even within ourselves. It is essential to stay motivated, and even when you lose motivation, it is even more important to find that motivation again. This is the driving force we need to do to make things happen. 

I, personally, use my motivation to remind myself why I do the things that I do. I wake up early in the morning, the reason I find myself in my office late at night, the reason I strive to be the best version of myself. These are my motivations:

Family & Friends

This is my support system, my backbone, and my reason to strive for greatness. 

Finding inspiration within our family and our friends is the apparent source of motivation in all of us. We work hard and achieve goal after goal in the desire to make these people around us proud. As some of you may know, I run our family construction business. Like my predecessor, we used the motivation to say, “this is for our family.” No matter what, through and through, hard work and successes are fueled by our family and friends’ love and support. 

My Faith 

Faith in God. Life has its ups and downs; that is inevitable. How we deal with situations when we are in our downs helps us determine who we are. My first step to recovery when I lose motivation is remembering that my faith in God. In that faith, I am reminded that we are given situations that He knows we can handle. Faith is particularly important in our lives; it keeps us moving to the next step. 

The Opportunity to Help the Community 

All my life, mirroring what my parents have shown my siblings and me that a big chunk of what is important in life is that when we can help others, we do it. The feeling of assisting other people and sharing blessings such as food, clothes, and other necessities is another motivation. Just seeing the smiles on the faces of people we help is an excellent booster of inspiration to set me up to work hard for the opportunity to help others again. We should always strive to see a change in peoples’ lives and fight for a better future for the world. 

My Past, Present, and Future 

The humble beginnings, the present-day hard work, and the future successes are what I keep on my mind every day. In times, where I forget or struggle, I would find myself writing why I am doing what I am doing down on a piece of paper. It is always good to remind ourselves where we started and what we are striving to obtain in the future. 


Most of the time, we only have ourselves to keep us motivated at the end of the day. My passion for doing what I do daily drives me to strive for more remarkable successes. We need to take simple steps and achieve short-term goals so that we do not get worn out trying to achieve long-term goals. Once we are reminded by what motivates us in life, all we need to do now is enhance that reason and create an intention for it. 

These are the things that keep me motivated in life. Like I said, everyone is unique to what motivates themselves.

The common denominator here is that we need to understand what motivates us in life so that we can channel our energy through the right platform and achieve greater success in life. 

Now, we want to know Fresh Approachers, what motivates you? 

Stay Classy, Stay Fresh, & Stay Motivated

The Fresh Approach