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John Saludez is the founder of The Fresh Approach. TFA was launched in 2016 and has made its return in 2020 to share experiences, thoughts, and ideas with all the Fresh Approachers. John enjoys ticking off his bucket list by traveling the world and truly experiencing what life has to offer. Now, join me and Approach this world FRESH!

Dreams without action will always just be a dream.

John Saludez

original logo in 2016

What is The Fresh Approach?

The Fresh Approach is a lifestyle blog the encompasses the author’s own experiences and sharing it with the world. As busy people may be, we have to be able to know the balance between school, our careers, and the many adventurous elements that life has to offer.

We dig deep into what the focus of this blog is, which is introducing a different life approach from different people’s perspectives. This blog does not focus on a specific demographic region of the world; whether you live in the city of New York or the islands of the Northern Mariana Islands, we should always APPROACH life with a FRESH mindset!

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